Reasons You'll Love Youtube Music

Reasons You’ll Love YouTube Music

YouTube music is the newest app to join the race to be the number one streaming service. There are many other streaming services to choose from like Apple Music Tidal Spotify and Pandora Premium. With so many choices on the market what would be the reason to choose YouTube music as your go-to streaming service. I am here to clarify what YouTube music is everything offers and tell you the reasons why you’ll love YouTube music.

What is YouTube Music

YouTube Music is an app that is separate from YouTube that creates a custom playlist based on your music taste. You are also able to view music videos have offline playback and exclusive content from the artist you love. YouTube music is powered by YouTube and Google. If you are a subscriber to Google Play Music or YouTube premium not only do you get YouTube music. You’ll also so have commercial free YouTube videos and premium features for YouTube music for the low price of $10.99 per month or if you’re a new subscriber $1199 per month.


What Sets Youtube Music Apart From The Rest

I consider myself to be somewhat of a music junkie. So I have tried pretty much all the strings Services out there. And I think there are some things that set YouTube Music from the rest. When you first start using YouTube music and you choose the artist that you love you want to hear music from it has a great way of curating playlist that you love to listen to and doesn’t throw random songs in there that make you want to skip you get that continuous listening experience. The interface is easy to use not complicated to figure out offline playback like other apps. Not to mention the dark UI next album artwork stand out and pop making everything look great. Also in future updates, Google is going to Incorporate all your music in one app and discontinued Google play music to clear up the confusion.

Overall I feel like YouTube music gives you several reasons to love it and it’s a welcome addition. I hope you guys try this app out tell me you’re feelings or experience with the app and the reasons you would or wouldn’t use it and subscribe. If you have any other questions comments or concerns contact me or leave a comment and I will try to answer all your questions ASAP.

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