New Apps For Android 2017

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New Apps For Android 2017

[embedyt][/embedyt]One of the best things about having an Android is it that you can download so many different types of apps. For the month of November, I have  looked for some of the new apps for android 2017. Here’s my list of new unique Android apps for November 2017. Links and descriptions below.  New Unique Android Apps For Android 2017


Frost For Facebook

Frost For Facebook is a Facebook app replacement. That lets you choose a look to match the theme of your Android. like light dark and amoled. If I still supports quick links and multiple accounts. So if you’re looking for something different than the standard Facebook app. Download Frost For Facebook.


Loopariod Lets you make a instant story or animated gif. Loopariod lets you generate a gif in the style of a polaroid picture. Simply select your photos. Pick your frame. Write a message and share.


Vizorg Widget

The Vizorg Widget gives your phone the look of the Google Pixel with a pill widget. You’ll be able to choose what action you want to happen when you press the Google logo time and date. The date time weather and background color can also be customized. Download the Vizorg Widget



The Cornea app Uses filters on your photos to predicts the amount of like you could possibly receive when posted on Instagram. Download Cornea

These new apps for android 2017 will be a great addition to any Android device, and will give it a new look.

Leave a comment below.Let me know what you think about these apps and what some of your favorite apps. If you wanna see more videos like these please visit our YouTube Channel  

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